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white custom motorbike and Fanny

The custom white motorbike Fanny model is not your average motorcycle. It is a unique and specialized bike designed specifically for the adult movie industry. This bike is sleek, sexy, and oozes with sensuality, making it the perfect mode of transportation for adult film stars.

The first thing that sets this motorbike apart is its color. The bright white paint job gives it a clean and pristine look, making it stand out among the usual black and chrome bikes seen on the roads. This color choice was intentional, as it adds to the fantasy and allure of the adult film world.

But it's not just the color that makes this motorbike so special. It is also custom-built to suit the needs of adult movie production. The seat is designed to be low and wide, providing maximum comfort for the rider, who may have to spend long hours on set. The handlebars are also positioned in a way that allows for easy maneuvering and control, making it easier for the rider to perform stunts or chase scenes.

One of the most eye-catching features of this motorbike is the Fanny model attached to the back. This is a specially designed seat that resembles a saddle, perfect for a passenger to straddle and hold onto while riding. This feature not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bike but also serves a practical purpose in adult film scenes.

The Fanny model is also adjustable, making it suitable for various body types and positions. This allows for more versatile and creative shots in adult films, adding to the overall visual experience. The seat is also padded and cushioned, ensuring the comfort and safety of the passenger during intense scenes.

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