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Nice babes bikes etc from Bravo Models Media - Prague

Sparkles tribike and Coxy model

The special tribike with purple sparkles is a unique and eye-catching mode of transportation that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Its bold and vibrant color scheme, featuring a rich shade of purple with sparkling accents, immediately sets it apart from other bikes on the road. But the bike's appeal goes beyond just its flashy appearance. It is also equipped with top-of-the-line features that make it a dream to ride. The Coxy blonde, as it is affectionately known, boasts a lightweight yet sturdy frame, making it easy to maneuver and handle. Its sleek design allows for smooth and efficient movement, making it perfect for both city streets and off-road adventures. Additionally, the Coxy blonde is equipped with high-performance gears and brakes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride every time. But perhaps the most special aspect of this tribike is its connection to its owner. Each Coxy blonde is custom-made and personalized to fit the individual rider's needs and preferences. From the shape of the handlebars to the placement of the pedals, every aspect of the bike is tailored to ensure the most comfortable and personalized riding experience. This not only adds to the bike's appeal but also creates a special bond between the rider and their beloved Coxy blonde. It's no wonder that this tribike has become a must-have for cycling enthusiasts and a coveted possession for anyone looking for a unique and stylish mode of transportation. So next time you see a special tribike with purple sparkles and a coxy blonde rider gliding by, you'll know that you're witnessing a truly special and one-of-a-kind sight.

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Custom gold motorbike with Radka

Radka Custom Gold and Orange Motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that combines art and engineering in the most stunning way. This motorcycle is not just a mode of transportation, it is a symbol of individuality and passion for adventure. The vibrant gold and orange color scheme of this bike is a reflection of the fearless and bold spirit of its owner. The intricate details and design elements on this motorcycle are a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Radka team.

The body of this motorcycle is handcrafted with the finest quality materials, ensuring durability and strength while also maintaining a sleek and stylish look. The gold accents on the frame and wheels add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall design. The orange flames on the tank and fenders give this bike a fierce and edgy look, making it stand out from the crowd.

But it's not just the exterior that makes this motorcycle a work of art. The engine is a powerful masterpiece, designed and built to deliver an exhilarating riding experience. The sound of the engine revving up is enough to give any rider an adrenaline rush. The exhaust system has been carefully designed to not only enhance the bike's performance but also to create a deep and distinctive roar.

The attention to detail on this motorcycle is truly remarkable. From the custom-made leather seat to the hand-painted pinstripes, every aspect of this bike has been meticulously crafted to perfection. The gold and orange theme is carried through even in the smallest details, such as the custom grips and foot pegs.

Owning a Radka Custom Gold and Orange Motorcycle is not just about having a unique and eye-catching ride, it's also about being part of a community of passionate motorcycle enthusiasts. The Radka team takes pride in their work and ensures that every customer is not just satisfied but also becomes part of the Radka family. From the initial design consultation to the final delivery, every step of the process is personalized and tailored to the customer's preferences and needs.

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